Why LAB?

LAB Saves.| Prevents.| Finds.| Eases.| Protects.| Insures.| Customizes.|
This is not a box, it’s a new way of living


LAB Saves

Rescue Performance is Optimized

Real-time events monitoring

Due to the early detection of an event and its monitoring in real-time, LAB leads to the optimization of human and material resources.

Resilient intranet satellite network

In addition, when ground communication is down, with a MobileLAB installed inside rescue vehicles and set up to be used as a resilient intranet satellite network, communicating among rescue units to coordinate the search of victims is no longer a challenge.

With a LAB and a MobileLAB, the performance of the rescue teams is optimal.

LAB Prevents

Dangerous Events are Minimized or Stopped

Detects the slightest change and sends alarm

LAB detects the slightest change on sensitive sites and immediately sends an alarm in case of danger. With the time saved during the disaster, we save lives.

LAB notices the origination of an event so quickly that it allows it to stop before it reaches its full development.

LAB Finds

It’s Reliable

LAB is solid and resistant

Even if all the communication networks are down, with its satellite communication, LAB allows you to remain reachable, be found, and rescued.

LAB detects all the connected smartphones

Even if you are incapable of sending an alert yourself via LAB, you can be spotted. LAB detects all the connected smartphones in its vicinity.

This information is then conveyed to the rescue team who always knows where to find you.

LAB Eases

It’s a One-Click Installation

One-Click Installation

LAB is compact, easy to connect to your WIFI network. The installation is done in minutes.

LAB Protects

It’s a Unique Box Technologically Intelligent for your Home, LAB is:

• A GNSS location device

Even if all the communication networks are down, with its satellite communication, LAB allows you to remain reachable, be found, and rescued.

• A sounds detector

It identifies dangerous sounds like gunshots.

• An Infrared detector

It spots the presence of intruders using infrared technology.

• A gas detector

It senses a gas leak or pollutant release.

• A smoke detector

It detects the presence of smoke.

• A light detector

It exposes a variation of light intensity.

• A pressure sensor

It spots a change of pressure in the area.

• A humidity & temperature sensor

It senses a shift in humidity and temperature.

• Work with GSM and Satellite

If the WIFI network is sabotaged, or if LAB is disconnected, it automatically sends an alert via GSM, and finally, if the GSM network is out, then the alert is sent via satellite.

• Powerful and Unique

LAB is the solution you will ever need to protect your home, contained in one unique box!

LAB Insures

Your Insurance Premium is Reduced and your Insurance Claims are Facilitated

Reduce your insurance premium 

LAB helps to reduce your insurance premium because it reduces the risk and the damages of home incidents.


Precise and trusted collected data

The collected and trusted data from LAB is so precise, it validates your insurance claim.

You are always compensated as much as you should receive! *

* If you requested this service, your encrypted environmental data can be saved for this purpose instead of being destroyed every 24h.

LAB Customizes

It’s Cost-Effective

It’s affordable

Pick your options based on what you need!

Investors & Partners in Industrial High Tech Development? LAB, it’s you.

The Little Alert Box, LAB, is an adaptable concept. Because of this, in a sense, we can’t speak about one LAB, but many, because LAB is both a global solution and an adaptation to specific needs with its multiple, adjustable, integrated options.

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