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LAB, it’s you


Investors & Partners in Industrial High Tech Development? 

The Little Alert Box, LAB, is an adaptable concept. Because of this, in a sense, we can’t speak about one LAB, but many, because LAB is both a global solution and an adaptation to specific needs with its multiple, adjustable, integrated options.

LAB’s scope is vast and varies according to your professional field:


Disaster Management

LAB as an ingenious decision-making aid for rescue teams when a disaster strikes


Intranet Communication

LAB as a resilient intranet communication installed in a vehicle for rescue teams, professionals and individuals


Emergency messages sender

LAB as a tool to alert local populations about emergency protocoles


Home Security System

LAB as an easy-installed multi-functions alarm to protect your home


Insurance Diagnostic Tools

LAB as an aid to analyze and validate insurance claims


Satellite Tracer

LAB as a satellite tracer for the transportation of goods such as medicine in developping countries

You are unique, your LAB should be too.

We are looking for investors and partners to help us reach the next phase of development of our serial prototype, reach TRL 8 (Technology Readiness Level), and get LAB’ s technical certification, in order to industrialize and market it in the near future.

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