Think LAB

Ingeniously Simple


LAB Assesses & Acts

We collect on-site, every 30 seconds, precise and qualitative data, analyzed with an AI system which enables us to establish and transmit a clear diagnostic of any dangerous situation and alert the local populations

Every 30 seconds via WIFI, LAB collects outdoor nuclear and environmental data such as seismic movements, and indoor data regarding the quality of life in your home, information such as the level of solvents and of pollution.

These data sets are globally analyzed with AI. When communication networks are down, the data is locally selected with LAB internal AI and sent via satellite.

LAB Responds & Detects

In an emergency, LAB turns into an emergency WIFI hotspot using satellite transmission, accessible with a smartphone & a detector of all the smartphones in its vicinity.

Two complementary functions: 

Active detection of your smartphone, you just need to connect to LAB via its interface. You remain always connected in an ever-evolving situation.

Passive detection of all the smartphones in the vicinity and potential people to rescue without connecting to LAB, in case you are down. You are spotted and rescued regardless of the situation. 

LAB Relaxes

We are an affordable satellite communication-based technology in your home or in your vehicle.

When all the regular networks of communication are down, LAB uses qualitative & cost-efficient satellite communications.

LAB Foresees

We are eco-friendly

In today’s world, building an innovative technological device designed as an ingenious decision-making aid when a disaster strikes means that we understand nature. The future starts today.

Our components are recyclable.

Investors & Partners in Industrial High Tech Development? LAB, it’s you.

The Little Alert Box, LAB, is an adaptable concept. Because of this, in a sense, we can’t speak about one LAB, but many, because LAB is both a global solution and an adaptation to specific needs with its multiple, adjustable, integrated options.

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