Introducing LAB

Little.|Alert.| Box.|
LAB, our Little Alert Box, is an innovative integrated technological device designed as an ingenious decision-making aid for rescue teams when a disaster strikes.

LAB is Intelligent|Reliable|Fast|


Continuously collects environmental data

Spread on sites, LAB continuously collects environmental data before, during, and after an event then, sends them to our server to be analyzed by AI.

Real-time updates

It updates us in real-time about what’s going on.

Emergency WIFI

When all the ground communication networks are down, in addition to continuing to do this essential task, LAB instantly turns into an emergency WIFI hotspot using satellite transmission to reach the victims and rescue them.

Intelligently mastering the response of the present

With this new, insightful vision of any catastrophic situation, the rescue teams have in their hands a very powerful tool to fully operate at the highest level. In other words, LAB monitors the past, in order to fix the future by intelligently mastering the response of the present.


Resistant and always connected

LAB is very resistant and remains always connected. Without electricity, it works continuously up to three days.

Thanks to LAB, the days of difficult blind rescues, rescues without a precise evaluation of the situation on-site are over.


Satellite-based Communication

LAB updates and sends information every 30 seconds via WIFI.

If networks are down, it uses satellite communication and never ceases to report.

Investors & Partners in Industrial High Tech Development? LAB, it’s you.

The Little Alert Box, LAB is an adaptable concept. Because of this, in a sense, we can’t speak about one LAB, but many, because LAB is both a global solution and an adaptation to specific needs with its multiple, adjustable, integrated options.

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