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global smart rescue

The disaster management redefined.

Global Smart Rescue has come up with today’s most efficient, safest, and cheapest solution to face any disaster, The solution is…

Global Smart Rescue

Making a safer world

Our goal is to prevent, rescue, and save the largest amount of lives using our intelligent patented technology.

We created LAB

The Little Alert Box, to fulfill our mission…

LAB Assesses & Acts

We collect on-site, every 30 seconds, precise and qualitative data …

LAB Responds & Detects

LAB turns into an emergency WIFI hotspot using satellite transmission …

LAB Relaxes

We are an affordable satellite communication-based technology …

LAB Foresees

We are eco-friendly and respect nature. In today’s world …

How LAB works ?

How it works?

LAB continuously collects environmental data before, during, and after a disaster then, sends them to our server to be analyzed by AI. It updates us in real-time about what’s going on.

When all the ground communication networks are down, in addition to continuing to do this essential task, LAB instantly turns into an emergency WIFI hotspot using satellite transmission to reach the victims and rescue them.

Why LAB?

This is not a box, it’s a new way of living

LAB Saves

Rescue Performance is Optimized.

LAB Prevents

Dangerous Events are Minimized or Stopped.

LAB Finds

It’s Reliable.

LAB Eases

It’s a One-Click Installation!

They trust us

We value their support

Investors & Partners in Industrial High Tech Development? LAB, it’s you.

The Little Alert Box, LAB, is an adaptable concept. Because of this, in a sense, we can’t speak about one LAB, but many, because LAB is both a global solution and an adaptation to specific needs with its multiple, adjustable, integrated options.

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