The black-boxes that may save your life …

Everybody knows what is a black-box in a plane, generally it is intend to understand causes of a catastrophe. Why not put a black-box in your home ? Sounds weird no ? But think about it, what will happens if, after a typhoon or an earthquake, a big fire, you don’t have any networks ? No more power, no more 4G, no more internet, how you will say: “HELP, I am here alive” ?

Then the black-boxe we propose is different, it may do something for you ! Like in airplanes that strong box is designed to survive strong constraints. As soon as it is disconnected, this autonomous black-box will send signals continuously to be heard by satellites or drones send by us. This is possible because we survey those black-boxes. Even more, the black-box will turn into a WiFi spot, so that you may send your own message about your situation, for rescuing, or to reassure your beloved ones, even if mobile networks are down …

We have a dedicated team 24/7 all year round waiting for emergency cases in order to provide data for a smart rescue on every continent. This is GLOBAL SMART RESCUE !


The patented black-box that may save your life

How it works :

In short : our patented technology is based on black-boxes equipped with advance communication system capable to send data to a satellite or a drone, as soon as classic networks are not responding anymore due to all sort of disasters, such as earthquake, typhoon, industrial dysfunction …

When the situation is clear the black-box is gathering parameters , such as temperature, pressure, humidity, etc Those data are not kept for long, but, in case, they may be invaluable for a better rescuing. When a large disaster occurs, usually the networks are out of order so that manage rescuing is much  more difficult. Our black-boxes put themselves, on their own, in alert mode, so that, any appropriate satellite, or drone, may listen to them in order to catch precious information.  The black-box is also a WiFi spot, so anyone near-by can try to send messages to it, and even more, even if you are not capable to do anything, the black-box may listen your smartphone presence and transmit a life presence through satellite.

Patented technology

Our technology is patented by GSR (Global Smart Rescue). We have put a lot of ourselves to provide the best possible service, in short : provide best data for the best possible rescuing !

Use case

Public address

  1. Get a black-box, put it in your building and connect it to internet,
  2. create a personal account on our site, declare and setup your black-box into it,
  3. whenever a disaster, such as typhoon or an earthquake, destroy all networks in an area, no power, no 4G, no internet, nothing is working, stay chill … our black-box may became your chance to communicate,
  4. our server will manage a satellite communication or a send a drone on the spot to listen your black-box and analyses the situation for better, faster, smarter rescue,
  5. try to send short message to the black-box with your smartphone WiFi to help your localisation, describe the situation, or reassure a loved one. In case you are not capable, let the black-box detect your smartphone presence, this will be notified automatically to our servers.
  6. You can also let in advance, in your personal account, a message to be sent to the people you wish

Civil authorities

Whenever you represent a city office, a legal authorities, you are most welcome to contact us to study together how to setup your black-boxes network. Politically it has sense to tell people that one did something, whatever will happens, to help rescuing lifes in case. To find cost effective solutions to protect sensitive buildings, such as hospitals or schools we can study a deployment plan with your services. Specific data gathering, such as the number of seniors in a facility, can be found in order to facilitate the work of your rescuing teams. We also provide data analysis to help decisions.

Industrial site

If you represent an insurance company, or, if you are responsible for an industrial site with plants potentially at risk, let’s have a look. Because the risk is not the same everywhere, we can build together procedures based on satellite or drone or vehicle with the appropriate level of security and robustness. Collect data in a hazardous environment when networks are down and the accessibility is problematic (nuclear, chemical or biological risk) is our goal.

We have put a lot of ourselves to provide the best possible service, in short : provide best data for the best possible rescuing whatever !

About us

A committed team

With an entrepreneur, a senior expert and a lawyer, our team is composed of strongly dedicated people to this exciting project.

Henri DELATTRE, CEO, co-founder,     henri.delattre@globalsmartrescue.com

Bertrand MASSAT, CTO,                             bertrand.massat@globalsmartrescue.com

Victor LIMA, lawyer, co-founder,            victor.lima@globalsmartrescue.com


Support :

Thierry FAYARD, co-founder, Intellectual property advisor

Foucault de VILLELE, big data & insurance specialist



We are searching for new talents, all Geeks are particularly welcome !

Just contact us and tell what are your skills !


best way to contact us is to write an email to :


Henri Delattre : +33  (0)6 61 64 72 29